As Lutheran Christians, we believe that baptism of any person of any age is an important part of bringing faith into lives.  We baptize children because we believe that they, as much as anyone else, need what baptism offers; forgiveness of sins and new life in Christ.  Sin is a condition all people are born with, including children.  So, we baptize infants, children, youth & adults.  Baptism is a wonderful gift of God!

If you are interested in being baptized we ask that you participate in our Pre-Baptism class.  If you are interested in getting your child(ren) baptized we recommend taking the class prior to the birth of your child if possible. This 45 minute class session will be held using digital communication methods.  A baptism date is set at the end of the class session.  

For more information, or to schedule a baptism, please contact Robin in the church office at 715-536-5482 or by filling out the form below.