our Early Learning Center
at a glance


Trinity Merrill Lutheran Early Learning Center offers a safe and caring environment where children can thrive as they play and learn. We are committed to excellence and view each child as a special and unique gift of God.

Our goal is to create a nurturing environment that encourages children to grow spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually.

We strive to help all children grow in their faith in Christ and learn how they too can serve Christ, His church, and His world.

At Trinity Merrill, we are a community of people who enjoy a place to have meaningful relationships, be encouraged, and learn more about God and His love for all people in Jesus Christ.

Our Objectives

  • Learn & play in a Christian atmosphere with other children
  • Be aware of the daily presence of Christ in their lives
  • Be themselves and develop at their own rate
  • Express themselves freely through art and play
  • Develop large and fine motor skills
  • Establish relationships with adults and kids other than family
  • Learn developmentally appropriate limits of behavior
  • Learn to respect one another and build social skills
  • Build feelings of self-esteem and security
  • Increase their ability to handle their emotions constructively
  • Gain independence and develop problem solving skills